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Stephen Fitzmier

Director, Planning and Evaluation

Steve Fitzmier manages the Planning and Evaluation department of the John Templeton Foundation. Over the past four years, Mr. Fitzmier has restructured the Foundation’s grantmaking and performance management systems, instituted cyclical programmatic strategic planning, and directed grant evaluation initiatives that improve programmatic decision-making. 

Prior to the John Templeton Foundation, Mr. Fitzmier was an entrepreneur, starting and developing a technology consulting firm, followed by a philanthropic advisory organization. In 2000 he was named in PhillyTech's top thirty under 30, recognizing his entrepreneurial achievements in founding one of the mid-Atlantic region’s fastest-growing IT advisory firms. Mr. Fitzmier's firm consulted with established and start-up businesses to develop and implement their online strategy. Serving in an advisory role and then in an executive leadership position, Mr. Fitzmier helped launch and develop Geneva Global, a recognized leader in philanthropic advisory services for international development. While at Geneva Global, he developed innovative methods for assessing philanthropic return on investment, quintupled grant research and evaluation operations, and implemented a global IT infrastructure in a developing world context. 

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