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Foundation Report
"From Learning to Progress" is a new digital report published by the Foundation highlighting impact across the Foundation's Core Funding Areas. 

Templeton Report
The Templeton Report is a twice monthly electronic newsletter featuring items on current research, initiatives, and events supported by the Foundation. The Templeton Report is available online and by email subscription.

Reports and Studies by Grantees
A number of projects sponsored by the Foundation have resulted in the publication of reports and studies.

25th Anniversary Capabilities Report
The Capabilities Report includes detailed profiles of programs in all of the Foundation's Core Funding Areas. 


Big Questions Online Magazine
BQO is an online magazine that explores science, religion, markets, and morals—and the dynamic intersection among them.

In Character Archive
The Foundation's "journal of everyday virtues" was published from 2004 to 2010 and won wide notice for its coverage of character-related issues.


JTF-Supported Books
Many projects sponsored by the Foundation have resulted in the publication of books for both specialist audiences and the general public.

Humble Approach Initiative Books
More than a dozen books have been published as a result of the Foundation's ongoing Humble Approach Initiative seminars.

Templeton Press
Templeton Press publishes books and related materials in four core funding areas: science and the big questions, spirituality and health, the virtues, and freedom and free enterprise.

Published Works of Sir John Templeton
Sir John Templeton wrote extensively on spirituality and the role that scientific research could play in expanding the spiritual horizons of humankind.

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