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Humble Approach Initiative

Villa Palazzola
Rocca di Pappa, Italy
21, 22, and 23 September 2014
Sarah Coakley, co-chair
Christopher Jamison, OSB, co-chair
Daniel A. Arnold
Luke Bretherton
John Cottingham
Luigi Gioia, OSB
Neil MacGregor, OM, AO, FSA
Philip J. McCosker
Ian McGilchrist, FRCP, FRSA
Michael L. Spezio
Columba Stewart, OSB
The Cornell Club
New York City
6, 7, and 8 June 2014
Daniel L. Schacter, co-chair
Michael Welker, co-chair
Martin A. Conway, FRSA
Yadin Dudai
Robyn Fivush
William Hirst
Andrew K. MacLeod
Jeffrey K. Olick
Guy G. Stroumsa
John Sutton
Qi Wang
James E. Young

University of Ottawa

14, 15, and 16 March 2014
Robert W. Boyd, Chair
Harvey R. Brown, FBA
Avshalom C. Elitzur
Elisabeth Giacobino
Andrew N. Jordan
Gerd Leuchs
Gerard J. Milburn
Wolfgang P. Schleich
John E. Sipe
Ian A. Walmsley, FRS
William K. Wootters
Anton Zeilinger

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