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Humble Approach Initiative

Stanford University, Palo Alto California

27, 28, and 29 March 2003
Paul Davies, chair
Nick Bostrom
James D. Bjorken
Bernard J. Carr
Robin Collins
Savas Dimopoulos
Renata Kallosh
Andrei Linde
Viatcheslav Mukhanov
Don N. Page
Martin J. Rees
Leonard Susskind
Max Tegmark
Alexander Vilenkin
Universe or Multiverse?

Universe or Multiverse?

Edited by Bernard Carr
Cambridge University Press, 2007

Recent developments in cosmology and particle physics have led to the remarkable realization that our universe - rather than being unique - could be just one of many universes. In this volume, a number of active and eminent researchers in the field - mainly cosmologists and particle physicists but also some philosophers describe these recent developments and assess their implications, thus providing, for the first time, a broad and insightful overview of the subject. The Universe or Multiverse Symposium was chaired by Paul Davies.


27, 28, and 29 March 2003

Stanford University, Palo Alto California

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